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March 24, 2015
Following the 400 Condominium Association Board of Directors approval of the HVAC and Window Replacement Project in March of 2014, the window portion of the project begins in early May of 2015.
The year-long preparation work involving the engineering firm of Wiss Janney Elstner, the actual window installation firm of Auburn Corporation, the unit preparation firm of Tamas Partners and the internal team involving the Project Manager, Dean Miller, Chief Engineer, Asmir Zenkic, and General Manager, Phil Pritzker, has enabled the project to begin the first week in May in 2015.
The project will involve 11 separate drops or phases involving between two to four units at a time during the 22-month project. The work will involve workers both inside as well as outside of each unit to efficiently replace each unit’s windows.
The unit preparation firm will move furniture to provide the necessary access to each set of windows, and generally prepare each unit to minimize downtime and provide assistance to each resident. A project coordinator will assist in maintaining current and timely communication to each resident as their phase approaches and during the phase, as well.
For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that residents not plan to be in their units during the actual day of window removal and installation. During the unit preparation process both the day before and the day after the actual window removal and reinstallation day, residents may be in their units. Residents displaced during the actual day of work may use the media room and winter garden area in the Spa while their unit is being addressed.
This Tab will be updated during the course of the project to reflect the most current information that is available.
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