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Pet Policy

In accordance with Article V, Section 2 of the Bylaws, dogs, cats and other household pets of a Unit Owner are permitted, provided they do not constitute a nuisance to others, and are kept in strict accordance with the Rules and Regulations that are adopted from time to time by the Board to ensure the health and welfare of residents and their freedom from annoyance caused by pets, and to preserve the building and grounds. The pet may only reside in the unit in which the Unit Owner of the Owner-occupied unit is residing.   Each pet owner shall assume total responsibility for the animal’s behavior and there shall be complete compliance with the following rules, or legal action will be taken by the Board to have the pet removed. 
A Unit Owner may have up to two pets that weigh a total of up to forty-five (45) pounds, and each pet stands no taller than 21” at the shoulder.  Dogs trained to assist the handicapped are the exception.  
Under no condition may an animal be kept for breeding or any other commercial purpose.  The Board reserves the right to adopt rules to limit or prohibit certain types or species such as reptiles, arachnids, livestock (including pot-bellied pigs), amphibians and other exotic or inherently dangerous animals or insects.
All dogs and cats must be registered with the Management Office and a pet registration fee paid.  Registration must evidence current license and inoculation against disease as provided by law.  The Association reserves the right to require at its discretion that the unit owner must have his or her dog’s weight certified in writing by a veterinarian at any time.  If the dog is not mature at registration or no certification is on file in the Management Office, the Association reserves the right to require another certification at maturity.  Owners of new pets, dogs or cats, have ten (10) days from move-in date to complete the pet registration process.  Unit Owner is subject to fine if the pet is not registered within thirty (30) days from date of pet occupancy. 
No registered pet may be replaced by another pet without re-registration and payment of appropriate fee. 
Any pet taken outside of a 400 Condominium Unit must wear a current 400 Condominium identification tag, city license and inoculation tag.
Residents who keep a pet assume full responsibility for any personal injury or property damage caused by their pets, and shall indemnify and hold harmless the Association and its agents for any loss or liability arising from pets kept in their Units.  Costs of cleaning up after a pet will be billed to the Unit Owner’s account.
Residents accompanied with a pet must use the Service Elevators.  No pet is permitted in Passenger Elevators, except dogs trained in assisting the handicapped.  Pets must be kept restrained and on a sufficiently short leash to prevent jumping onto or at other persons or pets.
For the protection of our residents and other pets, “aggressive” pets (as reasonably determined by Management) shall be muzzled while on Association Property (outside of Unit).
No pet is permitted in any Lobby Area at any time, other than the Service Elevator hallway.  No pet is permitted anywhere on Floors 2, 5, or 7 – with the exception of dogs trained to assist the handicapped.
All dogs and cats must be kept restrained at all times anywhere in the Building, other than when inside a Unit.  No unleashed pets are permitted in any hallways, in the Service Elevators, or in any other common areas.  Pets are not permitted to linger in any common area.  No pets may be left unattended in the common areas.  Pets are not allowed to run loose on, or be tied to any portion of the property.
Pets are not allowed on balconies unless accompanied by the resident owner.  Dogs and cats are not allowed to relieve themselves on balconies, in the garage area or any other common areas of the building.  This prohibition includes the inner and outer walls, and any portion of the physical building.
No airing of dogs shall be permitted in the common area or limited common area of the building, including but not limited to the balconies, sidewalks on the street level, loading dock area on the first floor level, on the grounds, or in the garage.  Under City Ordinance, dogs in public areas must be kept on a leash.
Under City Ordinance, it is the pet owner’s responsibility to clean up after their pets.  Special refuse containers are provided adjacent to the loading dock area on the 1st Floor.  THE OTHER WASTE RECEPTACLES IN THIS AREA MUST NOT BE USED FOR DOG WASTE.
Stains on hall carpeting must be reported immediately so that they can be spot-cleaned effectively.  In fairness to all other residents, the pet owner shall be responsible for the cost of cleaning or repairing carpet stains or other damage to hallways, or to any of the Common Elements.  
If a dog or other pet continuously damages the common elements, causes unreasonable disturbances (continuous barking or other pet noise), or is a repeated nuisance, the pet owner may be required by the Board to have the animal permanently removed from the Building upon five (5) days written notice to the owner.  If the animal is not removed by that time, the Board may seek legal action to have the animal removed.  The Unit Owner will be liable for all expenses and legal fees for enforcement of pet rules.